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Create beautiful cinematic images that tell a story.

The most important element to cinematography is story. This course focuses on teaching principles to enhance your visual storytelling skills.

The biggest thing we teach is: "don't buy a camera." Instead, learn to better use the tools you have.

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The ultimate online cinematography course

taught by real, practicing filmmakers.

First learn the basics of everything gear, then move onto basic and advanced lighting techniques, and ultimately, learn our secrets to take your cinematography to the next level.

1: Gear

  • What camera is best?
  • Cine lenses vs still lenses.
  • What other gear do you need?
  • What random essentials you should always carry with you.
  • The ins and outs of LED lights

2: Camera Settings

  • What are the common aspect ratios?
  • Achieving smooth slow motion.
  • What frames rates should you shoot in?
  • 1080p, 4k, 6k, 8k. What's the difference?

3: Camera Angles & Composition

  • The real “Cinematic Look."
  • Achieving "movie magic."
  • How camera angles tell a story.
  • How to compose a great shot.

4: Cinematic Lighting

  • How light direction tells a story.
  • Learn about all the types of diffusion.
  • What are the best ways to shape light?
  • Color theory.
  • Where the best place to start lighting?

5: Prepping for a Shoot

  • Finding the visual style you want to achieve.
  • Tips for location scouting.
  • What are all the different crew positions?
  • How to create a Look Book.

6: Filming

  • How we build out our Red cameras.
  • Client expectations.
  • Learn the proper set lingo.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • How to manage time like a pro.

7: Infrastructure

  • How much you should charge.
  • Accounting basics.
  • How to set up an LLC.
  • Downloadable contract templates.

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We’ve grown our production company to where we’ve literally flown on private jets, traveled to over 35 countries creating content, created ads for companies like Amazon, Disney, Microsoft, DJI and many more! We know what it takes to create high-end video content. This Cinematography Series was designed not only for the beginner, but also the intermediate and advanced filmmakers. 

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  Technical Knowledge
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